Course Management :-

Add courses and categories, durations and fees of courses.

Batch Management :-

A course can have multiple batches. Add new batch to a course or edit them.

Enquiry Management :-

Receive enquiries from front-end or add directly from admin panel.

Student Management :-

Register a new student for a course, which can also be done from active enquiry. Then, enquiry can be removed or marked as inactive. Also, mark the course as completed.

Fee Management :-

Easy to manage fee, shows pending fees, supports payment in installments for a student enrolled in a course.

Staff Management :-

Add an administrator to manage courses, batches, enquiries, fees, students, notifications, noticeboard etc.

Admin Dashboard :-

View popular courses, recent enquiries and number of active courses, students, enquiries, etc.

Student Dashboard :-

Students view their fees report, admission details, ID card etc. and pay remaining fees using suitable payment method.

Access Control :-

Assign task to an administrator having certain permissions to perform the task.

Generate and Print Reports :-

Select a student and generate reports such as fees report, admission details, ID card, completion certificate etc.

Export records to excel :-

Easy to export student records to excel or pdf format.

Search and Filter Records :-

Search and filter courses, enquiries, students, fee receipts.

Print Fee Receipt, Report, ID Card, Admission Detail and Completion Certificate :-

Print fee receipt for each installment, print fees report, admission details, student’s ID card and completion certificate.

Institute Settings :-

such as name, logo, address, phone, email etc. Set institute details such as name, address, logo, phone, email etc. which show up in printable documents.

Institute Noticeboard Widget :-

Display important notices on your website with Institute Noticeboard Widget.

Send Notifications to Students :-

Send notifications to a batch or individual student with attachments (to send notes, time table etc.).

Multiple Payment Methods :-

Students can pay their fees using PayPal or Razorpay payment methods.

Exams and Results Management :-

Manage exam results and display results form on your website.